Image showing a person writing a cover letter for a job application

How To Land Your First Job In Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

If you’re from outside of Dubai and the UAE, looking to find your first job here can be a daunting task. With so many options, how are you supposed to know which one is right for you? How do you find the job that best suits your work experience and skills?

Having moved to the city of gold from a small town in the UK, I have some good advice to share with you. These three steps will get you headed in the right direction to landing your first job in Dubai. Let’s jump right in!

Make An Effort To Show That You Care

For many people, applying for jobs means sending off a quick application and then sitting back and waiting for an answer.

If you’re trying to land your first job in Dubai then this isn’t going to cut it. Dubai attracts some of the best talent from all over the world, so you’ll need to stand out.

Show employers that you genuinely care about the role you’re applying for by highlighting relevant experience to the job description, professional and personal achievements, and by demonstrating your understanding of the company, what it does, and its customers. By doing so you’ll stand out amongst an ocean of other candidates.

Genuinely Understand What Employers Want

This is a big one and the secret to landing that perfect job in Dubai.

You need to know what your future employers want before you even apply for a job.

Do they want someone with experience? Or fresh out of university? Can you do basic tasks or do you need to be an expert with years of training? Do you need to be able to speak multiple languages?

These are all questions that need answers so you can tailor your application and show off your skills clearly and concisely. It can also help you rule out jobs that aren’t a good fit.

It’s easy with most jobs to see what companies are looking for based on their website and other marketing material. If these things aren’t clear then spend some time searching for reviews of the company and talking directly to employees who work there (if possible).

If you can’t do that, use LinkedIn to look up the profiles of people in similar roles to the one you’re applying for. This can help you understand what employers are looking for in the kind of job role you want to do.

Every company is different and it’s important that you know how to sell yourself to prospective employers.

Craft a Irresistible Cover Letter & CV

The final step in finding your first job in Dubai is putting together a great cover letter and CV.

Now, I’m not talking about those small one-page documents that everyone sends out with an email.

If you want employers to sit up and pay attention then they need to be focusing on more than just your name and contact details.

Spend some time working on an irresistible cover letter before starting on your CV proper. This isn’t something to rush through as it’s what gets people interested enough to read the rest of your application.

Don’t send the same cover letter to multiple companies. This is the mistake most people make and it’s no wonder they don’t hear back.

Every company is different and the information you’re trying to convey should be tailored to why they are a perfect match for your skills. Keep it short and sweet, but make sure to concisely explain why you’re a good match and highlight 2 or 3 of your key achievements that could be relevant.

In Summary

The best way to find your first job in Dubai is by standing out from the crowd with a compelling cover letter and CV. Let employers know that you really care about the role by highlighting relevant skills, professional achievements, and knowledge of the company, its customers, and what it does, and you’ll have a much better success rate than the rest.